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Our part code (LBN47812)

   RRP $125 $118.95
Quantity in stock -10
Warranty 12 Months
Shipping Time contact us   
Shipping $ 6.95

Gaming and Multimedia Ram.

If your motherboard supports it we recommend 1333Mhz RAM! 

This ram has been compatible with APPLE products.
Please check carefully if this is right for your laptop

Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Hi will this chip work in a samsung rc 720 I have a 4gb simm in at moment, and want to add this to make a 12 gb system.
This question will be answered shortly.....
Any chance on restock?
This question will be answered shortly.....
Will this be ok for Toshiba Satellite P50 A ?
Hi. Seems to be many versions of 50 A. I will need the full part number for the laptop..Regards Kelvin.
Will this work with Compaq v3000 laptop? Thanks
Hi, no sorry I think you need DDR2-667. We are out and have some on order..Regards Kelvin.
Oh kool thanks. I will buy it from your website. I will be buying a battery too from your website next week. You guys have got a great collections of laptop batteries. Lots of options and reasonable price. Best Regards plasma33
thanks.Regards Kelvin.
Thanks Kelvin!!!
Happy Days, no problem :-).Regards Kelvin.
Thanks for the answer. Anyways what's the difference between LBN47812 and LBN47811? Can I buy LBN47812 instead? Best Regards plasma33
LBN47812 is 8gb where as LBN47811 is 4gb. So you need to buy 2 LBN47811. Buying 1 8gb is not a good idea when 2 slots max of 8gb..Regards Kelvin.
I have got HP Pavilion dv6-6B00TU Notebook. Will this be compatible with the laptop that I have?
Hi, from what I can find max memory is 8gb, so 2 x 4gb DDR3-1333 LBN47811 is the best choice..Regards Kelvin.
Hey do you guys have a layby service? i'm on a budget, really trying to get ram sussed for my HP Probook 6560b notebook. would be keen on a layby..
Sorry not on Ram.Regards Kelvin.
will this work in a Compaq-ENVY_4-4_1018tu
Hi. Yours I think is also known as HP Envy 4 can take 2x8gb DDR3-1600 to max 16gb. I would recommend LBN48106.Regards Kelvin.

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