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DDR2 Laptop Ram 1GB 667Mhz PC2 5300 200 pin SODIMM

Our part code (LBN19460)

   RRP $39.95 $17.00
Max Bus Speed: 667Mhz
Capacity: 1024MB
Quantity in stock 0
Warranty 9999 Months
Shipping Time Overnight   
Shipping $ 5.95
Please note there is a lifetime warranty on this ram module.
Contact for this item Shane Van Der Veen.

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Please read the questions and answers for this item.

Questions and answers

Compatible Part Numbers:

Sorry No compatibility list Loaded for this Part yet. Call for information

Compatible Model Numbers:

6715B8510WCompaq HP 500 Series 515
Compaq HP 6000 Series 6730bCompaq HP 6000 Series 6730sCompaq HP 6000 Series 6735b
Compaq HP 6000 Series 6735sCompaq HP 6000 Series 6830sCompaq HP 610 Series FM950UT
Compaq HP 610 Series FN013UTCompaq HP 610 Series FN016UTCompaq HP 610 Series NX547EA
Compaq HP 610 Series VC264EACompaq HP 610 Series VC266EACompaq HP 610 Series VC267EA
Compaq HP 610 Series VC271EACompaq HP 610 Series VC273EACompaq HP 610 Series VC395EA
Compaq HP 610 Series VQ610EACompaq HP Business Desktop dc7800 Ultra-slim DesktopCompaq HP Business Notebook 2230b
Compaq HP Business Notebook 2230sCompaq HP Business Notebook 6535bCompaq HP Business Notebook 6730b
Compaq HP Business Notebook 6730sCompaq HP Business Notebook 6735sCompaq HP CTO HDX X16T
Compaq HP CTO HDX X16T-1000Compaq HP CTO HDX X16T-1100Compaq HP CTO HDX X16T-1200
Compaq HP CTO HDX X18TCompaq HP CTO HDX X18T-1000Compaq HP CTO HDX X18T-1100
Compaq HP CTO HDX X18T-1200Compaq HP EliteBook 2530p (NL160UPABA)Compaq HP EliteBook 2730p (NL162UPABA)
Compaq HP EliteBook 6930pCompaq HP EliteBook 6930p (NH616UCABA)Compaq HP EliteBook 8530p (AY329USABA)
Compaq HP EliteBook 8530p (NU912AWABA)Compaq HP EliteBook 8530wCompaq HP EliteBook 8530w (KS056UAABA)
Compaq HP EliteBook 8530w (NU914AWABA)Compaq HP EliteBook 8730wCompaq HP EliteBook 8730w (KS114UAABA)
Compaq HP HDX HDX 16Compaq HP Pavilion DV3510NRCompaq HP Pavilion dv4-1030ei
Compaq HP Pavilion dv4-1275mxCompaq HP Pavilion DV4-1322USCompaq HP Pavilion DV4-1430US
Compaq HP Pavilion DV4-1431USCompaq HP Pavilion DV4-1435DXCompaq HP Pavilion DV4-1444DX
Compaq HP Pavilion DV4-2040USCompaq HP Pavilion dv4-2045dxCompaq HP Pavilion dv6-1050us
Compaq HP Pavilion dv6-1230usCompaq HP Pavilion dv6-1238nrCompaq HP Pavilion dv6-1245dx
Compaq HP Pavilion dv6t seriesCompaq HP Pavilion dv7-1157clCompaq HP Pavilion DV7-1245DX
Compaq HP Pavilion dv7-1285dxCompaq HP Pavilion dv7-1426nrCompaq HP Pavilion DV7-1451NR
Compaq HP Pavilion DV7-1468NRCompaq HP Pavilion DV7-2040Compaq HP Pavilion dv7-2185dx
Compaq HP Pavilion dv7-3057nrCompaq HP Pavilion DV7-3065DXCompaq HP Pavilion dv7-3160us
Compaq HP Pavilion dv9930usCompaq HP Pavilion G60 seriesCompaq HP Pavilion HDX 18t (DDR2)
Compaq HP Presario CQ60ZCompaq HP Presario CQ61-313USCompaq HP Presario CQ61-410US
Compaq HP Presario CQ61-414NRCompaq HP Presario CQ62-214NRCompaq HP Probook 4310s DDR2
Compaq HP Probook 4415s (FN012UTABA)Compaq HP Probook 4510sCompaq HP Probook 4710s (FM965UTABA)
Compaq HP Probook 4710s (FN008UTABA)Compaq HP Probook 4710s (FN009UTABA)Compaq HP Tablet PC tx2622nr
Compaq HP Touchsmart Touchsmart tx2zCompaq HP Touchsmart TX2Compaq Presario 710tu
dv6403TXHP Compaq Business NotebookHP Compaq Pavilion Notebook
HP 6730BHP Business Notebook nc6400 DHP Business Notebook nc8200
HP Business Notebook nc8220HP Business Notebook nc8430HP Business Notebook nw8440 D
HP Business Notebook nw9440 DHP Business Notebook nx4300HP Business Notebook nx6130
HP Business Notebook nx6315 DHP Business Notebook nx6320 DHP Business Notebook nx6325 D
HP Business Notebook nx6330 DHP Business Notebook nx7300 DHP Business Notebook nx7400 D
HP Business Notebook nx8420 DHP Compaq Business Notebook 67HP Compaq Business Notebook nc
HP Compaq Pavilion Notebook dvHP Compaq Presario V3000THP Compaq Presario V3000Z seri
HP Compaq Presario V6000T seriHP Compaq Presario V6000Z seriHP HP Pavilion dv9225us
HP Media Center zd8220usHP Media Center zd8230ushp mini 1001tu (2GB max)
HP Mini 110HP MINI 110-1111TUHP Mini 110-3025tu
HP Pavilion 6710bHP Pavilion dv1000tHP Pavilion DV1000t DDR2-533M
HP Pavilion DV1000t DDR2-667MHP Pavilion DV1610TNHP Pavilion dv1610us
HP Pavilion dv1620usHP Pavilion dv1624nrHP Pavilion dv1629us
HP Pavilion dv1650usHP Pavilion dv1660seHP Pavilion dv1680us
HP Pavilion dv1708nrHP Pavilion dv1710usHP Pavilion dv2310us
HP Pavilion dv2312usHP Pavilion dv2315usHP Pavilion dv2320us
HP Pavilion dv2410usHP Pavilion dv2415usHP Pavilion dv2500t
HP Pavilion dv4000 DDR2HP Pavilion dv4200-DDR2 VersioHP Pavilion DV4205TU
HP Pavilion DV4205TXHP Pavilion DV4206TXHP Pavilion DV4208TX
HP Pavilion DV4209TXHP Pavilion DV4210TXHP Pavilion DV4211TX
HP Pavilion DV4212TXHP Pavilion DV4213APHP Pavilion DV4213EA
HP Pavilion DV4215APHP Pavilion DV4220TXHP Pavilion DV4223CL
HP Pavilion DV4224TXHP Pavilion DV4225EAHP Pavilion DV4225NR
HP Pavilion DV4225TXHP Pavilion dv4232EAHP Pavilion DV4234EA
HP Pavilion DV4246EAHP Pavilion dv4250usHP Pavilion dv4257us
HP Pavilion dv4269EAHP Pavilion DV4269USHP Pavilion dv4270us
HP Pavilion dv4272usHP Pavilion DV4273EAHP Pavilion dv4275nr
HP Pavilion dv4277EAHP Pavilion DV4288EAHP Pavilion DV4290EA
HP Pavilion DV4291EAHP Pavilion DV4295EAHP Pavilion DV4307CA
HP Pavilion DV4307CLHP Pavilion dv4310usHP Pavilion dv4320us
HP Pavilion DV4330CAHP Pavilion dv4330usHP Pavilion dv4335nr
HP Pavilion dv4340usHP Pavilion DV4354EAHP Pavilion DV4385EA
HP Pavilion dv4405nrHP Pavilion dv4410usHP Pavilion dv4420us
HP Pavilion dv5150usHP Pavilion dv5170usHP Pavilion DV5190US
HP Pavilion dv5218nrHP Pavilion dv5220usHP Pavilion dv5230us
HP Pavilion DV5230US DDR2-533HP Pavilion DV5230US DDR2-667HP Pavilion dv5240us
HP Pavilion dv5250usHP Pavilion DV5250US DDR2-533HP Pavilion DV5250US DDR2-667
HP PAVILION DV6000 SERIESHP Pavilion dv6000THP Pavilion dv6000z
HP Pavilion dv6040usHP Pavilion dv6045nrHP Pavilion DV6101eu
HP Pavilion DV6104euHP Pavilion dv6105usHP Pavilion dv6110us
HP Pavilion DV6115euHP Pavilion DV6116EUHP Pavilion dv6120us
HP Pavilion DV6122eaHP Pavilion dv6125seHP Pavilion dv6129us
HP Pavilion DV6135nrHP Pavilion dv6140caHP Pavilion dv6140us
HP Pavilion dv6150caHP Pavilion dv6150usHP Pavilion DV6152EU
HP Pavilion DV6157eaHP Pavilion DV6174EAHP Pavilion DV6187EA
HP Pavilion DV6190EUHP Pavilion DV6205USHP Pavilion DV6215US
HP Pavilion DV6225USHP Pavilion dv6226usHP Pavilion dv6233se
HP Pavilion dv6235caHP Pavilion dv6235euHP Pavilion dv6235nr
HP Pavilion dv6235usHP Pavilion dv6244eaHP Pavilion dv6244eu
HP Pavilion dv6244usHP Pavilion dv6245caHP Pavilion dv6245ea
HP Pavilion dv6245euHP Pavilion dv6245usHP Pavilion dv6255us
HP Pavilion DV6262euHP Pavilion dv6265caHP Pavilion dv6265ea
HP Pavilion dv6265euHP Pavilion dv6265usHP Pavilion dv6275us
HP Pavilion DV6285euHP Pavilion dv6305usHP Pavilion dv6324us
HP Pavilion dv6325usHP Pavilion dv6326usHP Pavilion dv6335us
HP Pavilion dv6345usHP Pavilion dv6353usHP Pavilion dv6355us
HP Pavilion dv6358seHP Pavilion dv6365usHP Pavilion dv6375us
HP Pavilion dv6405usHP Pavilion dv6426usHP Pavilion dv6500t
HP Pavilion dv6560usHP Pavilion dv6565usHP Pavilion dv6570us
HP Pavilion DV8000THP Pavilion DV8220US DDR2-667HP Pavilion dv8230us
HP Pavilion dv8235nrHP Pavilion dv8280usHP Pavilion dv8320us
HP Pavilion DV8320US DDR2-533HP Pavilion DV8320US DDR2-667HP Pavilion dv8330us
HP Pavilion dv8380usHP Pavilion DV8380US DDR2-533HP Pavilion DV8380US DDR2-667
HP PAVILION DV9000 SERIESHP Pavilion dv9000tHP Pavilion dv9000z
HP Pavilion dv9005usHP Pavilion dv9008nrHP Pavilion dv9010ca
HP Pavilion dv9010usHP Pavilion DV9022EAHP Pavilion dv9023us
HP Pavilion dv9030usHP Pavilion dv9035nrHP Pavilion dv9040us
HP Pavilion dv9060usHP Pavilion DV9088EAHP Pavilion dv9205ca
HP Pavilion dv9205euHP Pavilion dv9205txHP Pavilion dv9205US
HP Pavilion dv9207usHP Pavilion dv9208nrHP Pavilion dv9210us
HP Pavilion dv9220usHP Pavilion DV9230USHP Pavilion dv9235nr
HP Pavilion dv9260nrHP Pavilion dv9260usHP Pavilion dv9310us
HP Pavilion dv9317clHP Pavilion dv9320usHP Pavilion dv9330us
HP Pavilion dv9334usHP Pavilion dv9339usHP Pavilion dv9410us
HP Pavilion dv9420usHP Pavilion dv9500tHP Pavilion dv9525us
HP Pavilion dv9535usHP Pavilion dv9540usHP Pavilion Media Center dv610
HP Pavilion Media Center dv613HP Pavilion Slimline s7712nHP Pavilion tx1000 Series
HP Pavilion tx1000zHP Pavilion tx1110usHP Pavilion tx1120us
HP Pavilion tx1220usHP Pavilion V3000ZHP Pavilion V4310NR
HP Pavilion V6107USHP Pavilion zd8000HP Pavilion zd8001ap
HP Pavilion zd8001XXHP Pavilion zd8002apHP Pavilion zd8002XX
HP Pavilion zd8003apHP Pavilion zd8003XXHP Pavilion zd8004ap
HP Pavilion zd8004XXHP Pavilion zd8005apHP Pavilion zd8005ea
HP Pavilion zd8007eaHP Pavilion zd8008eaHP Pavilion zd8009ea
HP Pavilion zd8010eaHP Pavilion zd8010XXHP Pavilion zd8011XX
HP Pavilion zd8015eaHP Pavilion zd8017eaHP Pavilion zd8019ea
HP Pavilion zd8020eaHP Pavilion zd8030eaHP Pavilion zd8043ea
HP Pavilion zd8044eaHP Pavilion zd8045eaHP Pavilion zd8047ea
HP Pavilion zd8048eaHP Pavilion zd8050eaHP Pavilion zd8050la
HP Pavilion zd8050XXHP Pavilion zd8051eaHP Pavilion zd8052ea
HP Pavilion zd8053eaHP Pavilion zd8054eaHP Pavilion zd8055us
HP Pavilion zd8060caHP Pavilion zd8060usHP Pavilion zd8070ea
HP Pavilion zd8072eaHP Pavilion zd8075eaHP Pavilion zd8076ea
HP Pavilion zd8078eaHP Pavilion zd8079eaHP Pavilion zd8080ea
HP Pavilion zd8080usHP Pavilion zd8100HP Pavilion zd8105ca
HP Pavilion zd8105eaHP Pavilion zd8110eaHP Pavilion zd8110us
HP Pavilion zd8112eaHP Pavilion zd8115eaHP Pavilion zd8115us
HP Pavilion zd8120clHP Pavilion zd8120eaHP Pavilion zd8122ea
HP Pavilion zd8123eaHP Pavilion zd8124eaHP Pavilion zd8125cl
HP Pavilion zd8125eaHP Pavilion zd8126eaHP Pavilion zd8127ea
HP Pavilion zd8129eaHP Pavilion zd8130eaHP Pavilion zd8135ea
HP Pavilion zd8139eaHP Pavilion zd8147eaHP Pavilion zd8148ea
HP Pavilion zd8150eaHP Pavilion zd8151eaHP Pavilion zd8155ea
HP Pavilion zd8156eaHP Pavilion zd8157eaHP Pavilion zd8158ea
HP Pavilion zd8159eaHP Pavilion zd8160eaHP Pavilion zd8162ea
HP Pavilion zd8179eaHP Pavilion zd8180eaHP Pavilion zd8181ea
HP Pavilion zd8182eaHP Pavilion zd8183EAHP Pavilion zd8184ea
HP Pavilion zd8185eaHP Pavilion zd8200HP Pavilion zd8201ap
HP Pavilion zd8202apHP Pavilion zd8203apHP Pavilion zd8204ap
HP Pavilion zd8205usHP Pavilion zd8210caHP Pavilion zd8214ea
HP Pavilion zd8215USHP Pavilion zd8217eaHP Pavilion zd8218ea
HP Pavilion zd8219eaHP Pavilion zd8220USHP Pavilion zd8220us Media Cen
HP Pavilion zd8223eaHP Pavilion zd8224eaHP Pavilion zd8225ca
HP Pavilion zd8225eaHP Pavilion zd8226eaHP Pavilion zd8227ea
HP Pavilion zd8228eaHP Pavilion zd8229eaHP Pavilion zd8230ea
HP Pavilion zd8230usHP Pavilion zd8231eaHP Pavilion zd8234ea
HP Pavilion zd8235eaHP Pavilion zd8237eaHP Pavilion zd8238ea
HP Pavilion zd8250LAHP Pavilion zd8251eaHP Pavilion zd8253ea
HP Pavilion zd8254eaHP Pavilion zd8255eaHP Pavilion zd8256ea
HP Pavilion zd8270eaHP Pavilion zd8280eaHP Pavilion zd8289ea
HP Pavilion zd8290eaHP Pavilion zd8291eaHP Pavilion zd82xxus
HP Pavilion zd8300HP Pavilion zd8301eaHP Pavilion zd8303ea
HP Pavilion zd8304eaHP Pavilion zd8305eaHP Pavilion zd8308ea
HP Pavilion zd8316eaHP Pavilion zd8318eaHP Pavilion zd8319ea
HP Pavilion zd8325eaHP Pavilion zd8333clHP Pavilion zd8350la
HP Pavilion zd8369eaHP Pavilion zd8388eaHP Pavilion zd8389EA
HP Pavilion zd8398eaHP Pavilion zd8480eaHP Presario C554TU
HP Presario C774TUHP Tablet PC tc4200HP tc4400 Tablet PC
HP TouchSmart IQ770Hp550Pavilion DV1000t
Pavillion DV6000 seriesPavillion dv6403TXPresario c500
Presario C742TUPresario F500Presario V3500